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Facebook has revolutionised communications in the 21st Century. As of Q2 2018, Facebook had 2.23 billion active monthly users, making it the most powerful and widely used social network in the world. With 2.23 billion captive eyes and ears, it makes sense to advertise on Facebook to increase reach, encourage engagement, and make more sales.

What Is Facebook Advertising?

Though Facebook is free to use, its core business is selling advertising space to businesses and other organisations. This type of advertising is a variation on PPC (pay-per-click) advertising as employed by Google or Bing; and it can also be tied to CPM (cost-per-mile, or thousand) which focuses on “boosting” your ads or content to reach as many interested parties as possible.

Facebook’s content delivery methods encompass many different channels; the News Feed we’re all accustomed to, specific pages, Facebook Games, Facebook Messenger, and newcomer Facebook Live.

Facebook serves sponsored content or advertisements through these mediums, and can remarket (repeat ads) to demographics that are most likely to be interested in your product or service.

Facebook advertising can be highly targeted towards segments of age, gender, interests – and they can be as broad or as niche as you can think of. You could market clothing to lovers of “fashion” or use even finer detail such as “alternative fashion”, or even target fans of particular designers. The potential of targeting your advertising is limitless.

Elements of Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads need not necessarily be traditional “ads,” – that is, they don’t necessarily have to sell something. They could focus on getting people to click on a link, drive traffic to your website, sign up to a newsletter, or just have increased visibility among a certain demographic.

Facebook ads come in many different types. They can be sponsored posts in one’s news feed, ads in Facebook Messenger, ads that come up during Facebook Live or on Facebook-hosted video; or the video can be an advertisement itself. You can spread ad creative across text, images, video – or multiple images or videos (known as a carousel.) The ads could have a strong call to action (CTA), or they could be geared toward reach (visibility) and engagement (user interaction.)

Facebook, like most social networks, use an algorithm to decide what content to push to users based on their previous behaviour and chosen interests. Paying for sponsored or boosted content increases the likelihood your brand or business is inserted in front of users you’ve targeted.

Like all social media advertising, Facebook ads require a strategic approach to gain the maximum return on investment. It needs captivating creative (text, images, etc.), constant refinement and management, and an overall strategy to achieve your stated goals.

The Many Benefits of Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is one of the cheapest forms of digital advertising available – you can often spend only $1 and reach hundreds of people. An equivalent classified ad in a local newspaper might cost ten times that amount and not even touch the amount of reach Facebook can offer. Even if it does, there’s no guarantee anyone will see the ad, at all.

Facebook is also a global social network; you can advertise using your local currency to users all around the world, if you so wish.

Facebook is geared toward social interaction, and good content can easily be shared among users. This increases chances of going “viral”, either on Facebook or by word of mouth.

Look at your desktop or mobile phone right now – chances are you have notifications from Facebook, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram (which Facebook owns.) So many people spend so much time on Facebook, it’s almost like the connecting fabric of our online interactions.

It’s also worth considering this – if you’re not advertising on Facebook, your competitors almost certainly are.

Why Ignite Is Your Best Choice for Advertising on Facebook

Ignite Search are the Facebook advertising experts, possessing almost a decade of Facebook ad experience and always keeping up with the latest trends and algorithm changes.

Using specialised software and creative strategies, we can harness the targeted power of Facebook to spend as little as possible and gain as much reach, engagement, or sales for what you spend.

Our strategists, creatives, and social media advertising account managers are located in all over Australia and the Asia-Pacific, and have intimate and extensive knowledge of demographic trends and behaviours specific to these regions.

5 Reasons to Partner with Ignite Search for Facebook Advertising

  1. Turnkey Approach To Facebook Advertising
  2. Extensive Facebook Advertising Experience Across All Industries
  3. Accountable & Measurable Facebook Advertising
  4. 100% Customised Facebook Advertising
  5. Strong Focus on Improving Bottom Line With Facebook Advertising

We keep you informed as much as you see fit throughout the entire process; you can opt to have content approved by you and your team at every step; or you can leave everything to us. Either way, you have total control over your tone, voice, and style, so it fits in with your brand and how you wish to communicate it to the wider world. Our mission is to ensure your message and your content works toward achieving your greater business goals.

Let’s Talk about Facebook Advertising

Do you and your business want to get started with Facebook advertising? Talk to one of the experts at Ignite. We can help craft and implement your Facebook ad campaign that cuts through the clutter and targets your audience. Contact us today on 08 9467 9883.

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