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google plus will be shut down

Millions of Accounts Exposed + Google Plus to Be Shut Down + Future of Social For Google?

It was announced by Google on the 8th October 2018 that, amongst other things, they plan to sunset the Google+ in August of 2019. This was due to two main reasons: low adoption of Google+ and also the resources required to maintain the network. This is a snippet from Google regarding the challenges they have

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how to hire seos by maile ohye google

Ignite Search gets featured on, discusses best practices to hire SEOs

Cheech Foo, our director, was featured in an article on, on the recent release of the Google Video on how to approach the hiring of an SEO professional or agency. Just to recap, here are a few important tips from Maile to take away. Timeline:In most cases, SEO professionals need four months to a

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google launches experimental mobile search engine index

Google is experimenting with mobile-first search engine indexing

A few days ago, it was reported that Google is experimenting with the launch of a mobile index to drive search engine rankings on a mobile device, as opposed to currently using the desktop index to drive mobile search rankings. While it is not yet a permanent fixture in the algorithm, it gives us a

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google authorship

Google Authorship is Dead.

This one was from a few days ago, but massively important. Google has officially killed off the Authorship snippets for the search results. Google has deemed it ‘distracting’ to the SERPs and so have buried it. It may be painful but there’s many more ways to increase your search visibility. Focus on local search results

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